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Welcome to The Dalles Irrigation District website. We provide reliable irrigation services to agriculture and municipal lands in The Dalles, Oregon. Explore our site for project updates, policies, and resources for our community. Thank you for visiting!
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Power Restored at TDID
TDID gets their power from a BPA substation on 10th St. This is what powers our whole district. BPA had a racoon get into the substation on the morning of 6/19/23. This caused damage to critical electrical equipment. Northern Wasco PUD, BPA and Wasco Electric all worked day and night to make the appropriate repairs. With their help we were able to have power restored and had water pumping by the next day. Thank you for all for your patience and we hope you have a great harvest.
Repair Complete at Pumping Plant D
Repairs have been made to our problem pump at pumping plant D. All lateral lines are now able to use 100% of their allowed GPM. Please stay within that limit to ensure everyone has the water they need. Thank you!
Brand New Site!
There may be a few tweaks still needed, so if you have any issues or need any support please let us know through our contact form. Thank you!

The Dalles Irrigation District

We are community-owned organization that provides reliable and sustainable irrigation services to agricultural lands in The Dalles, Oregon. We are committed to promoting responsible water use and ensuring the long-term viability of our region's agriculture.
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